elcome to Paws & Claws Resort LLC. We are a kennel that is made to treat every animal individually. We have a combined total of 28 years of hands on experience with healthy, ill, young, old, large, small, cranky and happy animals and a host of others!! Linda and Julie worked closely together at Valley Veterinary Hospital. In October, Valley Vet closed their doors and February first, we opened ours.

We have special rooms for special pets. We offer spacious suites for larger and more spoiled dogs and cats. We have an extra large run made for dogs that don't fit into the "average"-sized run. Our suites offer hand-made wooden beds and other special features. This is not to say that our general boarding area doesn't offer extra care for the extra special members of your family who can't (or won't) travel with you.

Only checks and cash accepted at this time, no credit or debit cards.

For printable directions to Paws & Claws Resort LLC, click here.


Why Choose Paws & Claws Resort LLC?

  • Experienced Team

  • Close to Home

  • Never Overcrowded

  • Calm and Well Maintained

  • Plenty of TLC!!

Not everyone is comfortable giving medical care. If your animal is having surgery and you aren't comfortable with doing post-op care, PLEASE CALL US!!



We also board small animals such as rabbits, turtles, gerbils, hamsters etc.


Meet Rosemary

Rosemary was dropped off at our doorstep on a cold winter's day in a box. She was covered only in a t-shirt. She had a large wound on her neck which needed medical attention and medication. We had her spayed as she was approximately 7 months old and was due to go into heat. We also had to vaccinate her for Rabies, Distemper and Feline Leukemia as her "drop-off" family left no prior medical information. We are asking for donations to help us care for her. Please stop by and drop off your donations. You may also mail them to us. Our address is on the Contact page.

Licensed and Insured.

Protected by Alarm Systems



Monday - Friday 8 am-noon. Then 3 pm-5 pm
Saturday 8 am-noon
Sunday pickup and dropoff 9 am-10:30 am.